Happy Nyepi 2012

Silence is not natural to this present realm we live in. When we deliberately observe silence, we transport ourselves to another realm where all noises disappear into absolute silence. This silence is God, the Godliness within each and every living being.

Nyepi gives us this opportunity. Nyepi reminds us of our roots in that realm of silence. Happy Nyepi to all, loves…

From Anand Krishna’s Facebook, 22 February 2012

The Law of Gratitude is to be practiced, and not to be discussed

The Law of Gratitude is to be practiced, and not to be discussed. It is very easy for us to tell others to be grateful, but very difficult to actually remain in the state of gratefulness.

It is said that Jesus, once, healed thousands – and only one from the multitude stood up, approached him, and thanked him.

The rest did not even stand up when he was being crucified. Although they had the first hand experience of Lord’s Love and Healing. They were sicked, they were dying, and they were healed by the Lord. They were resurrected by the Lord. This is the way of the world. And, yet, let us not be one of them.

Let us remember each single act of kindness done by anyone to us, and at any time. Let us bless him or her for that single act of kindness, and let us forget and forgive all their trespasses, as the Lord God, the Mother Divine has been forgetting and forgiving our trespasses.

Let us not expect a “thank you note” from anyone, but let us not forget to thank a single person.

The Law of Gratitude, when rightly practiced, makes us filled with joy, happiness, and love. The practitioner and knower of this law never ever lives in the mud of hatred, anger, jealousy, backbiting, and the like.

Good day friends, Love you all

From Anand Krishna’s Facebook, 16 February 2012