E-Learning for Total Development

All Our Programs are Distance-Education Based, and we are proud to be the first such Online Distance Learning Institute in Indonesia. Off-Campus, or Distance Education is, indeed, not new. It dates back several centuries. In the 1700s John Wesley utilized the home study method to educate his students. About 100 years ago, the universities in Europe, including the University of London offered the “nontraditional” degree program. Matthew Henry, the author of the Matthew Henry Commentaries, who was born in 1662 was privately educated at home. Abraham Lincoln who became one of America’s presidents was self schooled.

The 1950-60s decades saw the reemergence of distance education, applying several different concepts. And, the idea caught on.

Now many major universities in the United States of America, United Kingdom, and the Europeon Union offer degrees through distant learning. Off-Campus Distance Education programs consist of well planne and thought out programs of study.

Fundamentally, good teaching practices are basically identical to good traditional teaching practices.

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