“Our initiative in the field of education is for the sole purpose of creating heaven on earth. Nothing less than that. Health, Happiness, Posperity, and Justice for all are possible, but we have to work for that. We are talking about an ideal society, but that cannot be created by ideas alone.

“Right from their childhood, our children have been taught religious, moral and ethical values. Yet, our society remains corrupt, selfish, and valueless. Why? The reason is that so far we have only been ‘teaching’ such values. We have been ‘preaching without practicing’ such values.

“Let us not blame our children alone. Our parents, teachers, and the officers of educational institutions are equally at fault. We preach change, but we are not willing to let go of our old rotten ways and habits. We preach peace, but we are not at peace with ourselves. We preach love, but we cannot love our neighbor as we love ourselves. We preach harmony, whereas our homes suffer from disharmony.

“One Earth School is born of a vision, an idealism that is both lofty and down-to-earth, in the sense that it is applicable. I want to see our children becoming successful leaders, entrepreneurs, professionals, doctors, lawyers, scholars…. But, not only that….. I also want them to grow inside, to grow within, to grow in their divine potency…. Full of Love, Joy, Bliss, and ever emanating, ever sharing their Love, Joy, and Bliss”

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