Chapter 4: Work Vigorously while Keeping Your Cool!

Krishna :
There is nothing new in what I am telling you now;
these same words have been spoken by me many times before.

Arjuna :
What do you mean, Krishna?
When, and to whom?

Krishna :
We have lived before, and died before.
I remember all my lifetimes in the past, you don’t.

Every time there is disharmony and discord,
“I” take birth to bring harmony and accord.

“I” am the sole dweller in all beings,
all that is movable and immovable.
“I” dwell within you as well.
Find “Me” within you – that is the highest attainment.

By finding “Me” with you,
all your desires are fulfilled.
But, yet you must work
in accordance with your role and nature.

Human being are given four different kind
of roles based on their nature;
such division though, does not
affect “Me” – The True Self within them.

The Scholars and Scientists serve the world by
sharing their enlightening thoughts and findings;
the Politicians, Diplomats and such must
serve the nation, the people at large.

Those engaged in Businesses and Industries
must take care of the economy;
whereas the Workers, the Labor are needed
to execute all kinds of tasks efficiently.

Whatever be your role,
work efficiently for the sake of work itself.
Do not think of success and failure.
Work to fulfill your role and serve fellow beings.

Working without self motive is the same like Worship.
This is the way to free oneself from the Law of Cause and Effect.
This way, whatever you do turns into an Offering.
Work ever therefore, in this spirit – with this awareness.

There are people, who make Outer Offerings;
and there are those who make Inner Offering by
curbing their desires and animalistic instincts.
The latter is desirable for it leads to Self-Attainment.

Those who worship outwardly do so
in many different ways.
They make charity, they study the scriptures,
they meditate, they pray and fast.
Let them do whatever they wish to do,
as long as they do it with full awareness.

Those who worship inwardly,
must live their lives in the spirit of service.
This indeed is the most desirable path,
that leads you within, to your True Self.

Should you be in doubt of your path,
seek the advice of the wise ones.
Learn from them to clear your doubts.
This is the way to Peace, to Bliss.

Chapter 3: Work without Self-Interest!

Self-Awareness and Mastery over senses
being the end and goal of life,
why should I then involve myself
in the affairs of the world? I am truly confused.

True, Self-Awareness and Mastery over Senses
is the end and goal of life.
But, you still have to work to attain it.
Work in accordance to the role given you.

If you are a Thinker,
then you can attain to it
by understanding the very
process of thinking.

If you are a Laborer,
then you must reach it
through your labor,
by fulfilling your duties and responsibilities.

And, you happen to be a laborer.
You must labor your way to Perfection.
You cannot attain to it,
through any other way, my friend.

Indeed, no one can actually
remain without work.
A thinker also labors.
Thinking is the work that he or she does.

Of what use is pretending to be quiet,
and sitting in one place without work,
if your thoughts are ever moving here and there?
It is better to work without self-interest.

The Law of Cause and Effect governs all life.
One can never free oneself from such law,
unless one dedicates himself or herself
to working without self interest, in the spirit of Offering.

Know the entire creation to
be created in the spirit of Offering.
By the same spirit of Offering, of Service,
all your needs are being fulfilled by the Existence.

Render your service to the environment,
that is the clear most manifestation of Existence.
And, the Existence in turn will serve
and fulfill all your needs.

You are being selfish,
if you do not share your blessings with others,
and work for your benefit alone.
Such a person is no better than a thief.

Consider your work as worship,
offer its fruits to The Supreme One,
and accept all that you get in return,
as Its Grace, Its Blessing.

The food you eat is given you by Existence.
This very food ensures your health.
Be grateful therefore, toward the Existence,
and serve it by caring for the environment.

By serving fellow beings,
by caring for the environment

Chapter 2: Transcend Grief and Doubt to Find Your True Self!

Undesirable indeed is fighting for worldly gain
and pleasures – fight not for such.
Fight for justice; strive to uphold what is right.
Allow not weakness overcome you.

Must I fight my own folks, my kith and kin?
I am truly confused; relieve me from this confusion, Krishna!

You are disturbed by the thought of death.
You are confused because you forget that
birth and death, both are just passing experiences.
None is lasting, none permanent.

The True Self that is within every living being
is never born and It never dies.
Birth and death are experienced by the body,
the garment worn by The True Self.

As the body changes worn out garments,
so The Self changes body.
Change, my friend, is the Law of Nature.
Don’t you get disturbed by it.

Grief and happiness, both are fleeting experiences
perceived by you because of the contact between
your senses and the outer world.
Transcend such perceptions to attain Bliss Undisturbed.

The True Bliss transcends all laws,
all changes; It is Eternal.
Such Bliss alone truly matters,
everything else is but meaningless.

In the attainment of such Bliss,
you discover your True Self,
That is never born, That never dies,
That is Transcendental and Eternal.

The True Self never kills
and cannot be killed.
By discovering it, you discover
the Self within all beings moving and not moving.

Know the Self that is within you,
to be within me – within all of us.
Such finding, such discovery shall
free you from grief and anxiety.

The True Self that permeates all beings,
is also All Pervasive;
It envelopes the entire Existence;
It is Within and Without.

All beings come from non being,
and they go back to non being again.
Existence comes from Non Existence,
and returns to Non Existence again.

Forms are ever changing,
whereas The True Self never changes.
Know birth and death to be manifestations
of such change –worry for none!

And, know your birth in the family of warriors
to serve an existential purpose;
that to serve your nation and fellow beings.
Be true to that purpose; flee not from your responsibility.

Great indeed is the task that you are entrusted with.
Generations to come would certainly remember you
for your sacrifice, should you perish in the service.
If alive, this very generation will rejoice in your victory.

But, why should you even think about that?
Consider neither death nor life;
neither victory, nor lose.
Do your duty to the best of your capability.

Allow not your mind to waver in
thinking of such things.
Gather your strength and courage
to fulfill your duty in this life.

Work for sake of work,
not for heavenly or worldly pleasures.
Do not think of the outcome, which is secondary.
The effort put by you, that is primary.

Free yourself of anxiety about the result
of your work, of your efforts.
Work without worry,
fulfill your duty without anxiety.

Free yourself of thoughts such as;
“What others would think of me if I fail?”
Follow your conscience and
do what it says.

How to do that, Krishna?
How do I follow my conscience?
How can I hear its injunctions?
Be kind and tell me, O Krishna.

Free yourself of desires;
free yourself of enslavement by the mind;
and, you shall be in touch with your conscience.
You shall clearly hear its voice.

That, my friend, is Enlightenment!
At that point, you will be free of
all worries, anxieties, anger, and experiences of
grief and happiness will no longer affect you.

And enlightened person is not overjoyed
because of the gain;
also not disturbed by the loss.
An enlightened person is ever content.

Knowledge of Self and
mastery over it makes such a person
a true human, free and
not affected by the triggers outside.

When the senses come in contact
with the objects of the world,
the desire to own and enjoy
those objects is triggered.

Unfulfilled desires bring disappointment
and create anger, which in turn makes
one lose one’s capacity to discriminate
the right from the wrong.

An enlightened person is wise,
his or her senses are under control.
Such person, though living in the world,
is never affected by the worldly objects.

Balanced within, such person is always striving
to attain to new heights of consciousness.
Ever at peace, an enlightened person
experiences everlasting Bliss.

Aware of one’s True Self, a person attains to
excellence in this very life.
And, unites with the Supreme Self,
after having lived such excellent life in the world.