We must, not only allow the old to pass, but also to facilitate its passing, its exit from our life.

Indeed, the old is already past… However, the memory of past events we hold in our mind, often becomes the seed to recreate the very same past event in the future.

Therefore, let go…
And, how do we let go? By learning from the past, and then letting it pass. We cannot let go of the past before and without learning from it. Our past holds a lesson that must be learnt. If we do not learn, we are doomed to samsaara, repeat the lesson.

Nirvaana is here and now, it happens as we let go of the past, forgive, forget, and move on afresh, anew.

As we close the year, let us forgive each other for any and all mistakes, misgivings, and misunderstandings in the past.

Let us thank the passing year for all the lessons learnt and enter the new year with fresh enthusiasm.

Happy New Year friends, love you all…

From Anand Krishna’s Facebook, 31 December 2011