“In order to follow Jesus, Muhammad, Krishna, or Buddha, one must be 100% FULLY AWARE. There is an old conventional saying that ‘one should not follow blindly’, but i say unto thee that thou canst ever follow blindly.

“One can never ever follow blindly.
One must be fully aware, fully, awakened, fully enlightened to follow. For, one can neither follow in darkness, it is only when light is there that thou can follow the Master.

‘So, one who follows is a proof, is an evidence to oneself that he is aware, he is awakened, he is enlightened.

“Those who are blind and living in darkness cannot even receognize a Jesus, or a Muhammad, or a Krishna, or a Buddha – how can then he follow any of them?

“Jesus’ invitation ‘Come, follow me’ is therefore not extended to the the blind and those living in the darkness. It is extended to the fully awakened, aware, and enlightened beings, for they alone can truly follow.”

(Swami Satya Anand in “al-Kitab al-Hub”: Translation by anand krishna)

From Anand Krishna’s Facebook, 25 December 2011