What’s in a name?

There are people who think and feel little about the name given them by their parents, and there are others who hold their names in high esteem. To “what’s in a name”, some would argue that, “it’s my name at stake”.


How to save the nation

In the special National Awakening Day issue of this paper (May 19), Perbanas director Harinowo challenged us to ask whether our souls and our beings were still capable of “dreaming”, while India, China and even Brazil are already realizing their dreams. Harinowo is an economist, and he knows well where we and this nation stand on this point.


Radicals gain more energy

In recent years, Muslim radicals here have gained more power and energy, largely due to the weakness of our state. Our present government is backed by several parties and many of them are clearly in favor of those radicals.


Indonesia, the Ahmadiyya and radical Islam

Radical Islam in Indonesia is on the march, and the religious pluralism enshrined in the doctrine of Pancasila is coming under direct attack. Last week the Indonesian government has issued a joint ministerial decree telling the heretical Muslim Ahmadiyya movement to ‘stop spreading interpretations and activities’ which deviate from orthodox Islam. That decree has implications for other minorities as well, including liberal and reformist Muslims, and the moderate Wahid Institute (named for former president Abdurrahman Wahid) says the country is on the brink of becoming an Islamic state.


A Desperate Call for Help

Anand Krishna*
——— Indonesia, June 11th 2008 ———


– The Heads of United Nations’ Member States, and
– The Distinguished Members of the World Community

It is with much regret, and a deep sense of shame, that I write this about the atrocities in my country against the religious minorities. I am compelled to address the World Community, since my appeals to my own Government officials have bore no result whatsoever.