L’Ayurveda – Center for Inner Beauty and Holistic Care

L’Ayurveda derives from a combination of two words where the East meet West. Ayurveda, an ancient eastern language which means the science of life. The letter “L” or “le” indicates the new techniques progressed by the western science.

All therapies and techniques in L’Ayurveda are tailor-made and adapted towards the needs of the local climate and tradition. There are two main purpose of L’Ayurveda, to preserve the health of an individual and to heal the sick. Our aim is to give attention towards the mind, body and soul.

L’Ayurveda is not just a spa. Unlike other spas, we do not pamper your body but we manage your body to be able to face all challenges. All the therapies have been practiced for the last two millennia. L’Ayurveda treatment not only relaxes you but it alleviates the root of anxiety and discomfort from your body.