Om, Yoga, & Vipassana – 1

One of the prayers/one of the chants that we are repeating every day, every morning here (at The Ashram) is Om Kharam  Bindu Samyuktam.

It’s very interesting. When I learned this prayer there was no internet yet. It was back in 1970s, I was a teenager.

Om Kharam Bindu Samyuktam, if you translated into english now; Omkar Bindu is dot, Samyuktam is org, that’s the address of the God. Go and search for it. Look for it. Can you believe it Omkaram Bindu Samyuktam.

Samyuktam is can be org, can be organization, can also be a union. For instance, the United Nation Organization (UN) is also called Rash Samyuktam.

So org can be organization, can be union. Maybe one of these day will be another address for internet uni. Is it there? U-N-I? No? Not yet? Is there? No, so maybe not these days.

What is important is the inner significant of this. Omkar is not just to be repeated.

We have to dwell upon the sound. I  had a guest this morning. Since I have been going around Bali, and the way Balinese are doing rituals, Bali should be the happiest place in the world. But the fact is, it is not. More people are committing suicide here than any other part of Indonesia. Highest rate of suicide is here in, what’s wrong?

Because we do ritual as a ritual. There is no feeling, is  just like there is a responsibility to go to church. You know it is very very comforting when you come to Bali and you see these colourful rituals and you feel it’s wonderful it is nice.

But it is just like going to church every week. It is just like going to any other place of worship twice a week or thrice a week.  It becomes a ritual. It has lost its meaning. This man was surprised, he said ,”With all these kind of rituals if they do it properly this place should be the happiest place in the world”. It is not.

Where are we gone wrong?

Omkaram Bindu Samyuktam Nityam Dhayanti Yoginaha. If every day, Nityam Dhayanti, you meditate. If everyday you meditate, Nityam Dhayanti Yoginaha. If every day, You, Oh Yogi. it’s not just You, but you, Oh yogi, if you meditate upon omkar with the dot, Omkaram Bindu Samyuktam. Everytime or everyday kamadam, what ever you desire (kamadam)  shall be fulfilled. mokshadam, and even the final liberation, salvation. You shall attain to the liberation to the ultimate freedom.

Omkaram Bindu Samyuktam Nityam Dhayanti Yoginaha Kamadam Mokshadam  Caiva Omkaraya Namo Namaha So, hence, thus, I bow to the omkar, I chant om again and again.

Omkaram Bindu Samyuktam. What is Omkar?Omkar is pranawa. Omkar in sanskrit it is called the first sound,  primeval sound, the first sound that was there. And this sound, it manifest itself as digits. Bindu is digits or dot. From that dot we are all manifest. So first it was sound, from sound everything is manifest. If you remember this, if you contemplate, if you meditate upon this than all your desire should be fulfilled and you’ll attain to moksha.

What is the inner meaning of this? The inner significant of this?

Omkaram Bindu Samyuktam. Sound resonance, the sound vibration, all of these, whatever we see.

This is, we called this matter. This is immovable. In sankrit it would not be called dead matter. It  would be called immovable. And we are movable. But even this is movable, if you ask the scientist, their atoms which are always vibrating , everything is vibrating here. We are in vibrating universe, so nothing is actually immovable. It’s a chair, it looks  like it is not movable, it looks like this chair, table are not moveable, it seems like  that. And we, it looks like we are movable but basically we are all coming from that sound, if you realised this.

Transcripted by Ray / Edited by Tara Galih