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Anand Krishna: Indian Spiritual Master From Indonesia

This is hard to believe that even the critics of person are impressed with dedication and capacity of raising self to above self for serving the humanity. This is not an imagination but is the true happening of the piece of land called “Indonesia”. Here you will find not only the critics but the people having sympathy with are used to call and recoginse Anand Krishna as the “phenomenon” .

Anand Krishna was born on 1st September 1956 in Solo, central Java as the son of Shri Tolaram Gangtani and his childhood name is Krishna. His schooling was completed in Lucknow, capital town of Uttar Pradesh state in north India and here he got the first introduction to spiritual powers and abilities hold by human being from a ice vendor Sufi saint Sheikh Baba, for those who know India this will not look amazing as India is the land of spiritual masters. Though father Tolaram was trying to introduce spirituality into life of Krishna with the poetry and teachings of legendry Sufi saint of Sindh Shah Abdul Latif but eventually Sheikh Baba proved the reason for the making of Anand Krishna.

After completing Masters Degree Krishna was working with a Garment factory in Indonesia as the share holder and Director of the company, when in the year 1991 he fall ill and medical diagnosis indicates certain death for him as he was suffering from Leukemia at critical stage. Here his childhood reading of Shah abdul Latif and teachings of Sheikh Baba helped him lot and inspire him for holding tightly hope of survival and a miracle occur in those day of suffering he meet with a mysterious Tibetan Lama in the Himalayas. This meeting proved the beginning of miracle, Krishna, who according to Doctors was at door step of death, started to recover and in a short time was in the normal status of health. Krishna realized that this is a kind of new birth for him so after health recovery he didn’t returned to his garment factory but decided to devote rest of life for the suffering humanity.

He established four meditation centers in Jakarta and other cities in Indonesia namely Anand Ashram (affiliated with United Nations), One Earth Retreat Center, Anand Krishna Center and Graha Indonesia . He opted television shows, radio talks, in-house trainings, books, newspaper interviews and articles for meeting and talking to people and during last 17 years, helped millions for self development and plasticizing meditation for the self improvement. In the last 10 years his over 100 books are published and One of his recent books, in fact one of the three titles in English, “Voice of Indonesia” was released in California and discussed on the Campus Radio of University of California at Santa Barbara.