If you realise, Oh Yogi.

If you realise through yoga and yoga is not; I keep reminding myself. I keep reminding you guys, that

Yoga is not standing on your head. Yoga is not having a certification, that you have done for 200 or 500 hours. Yoga is a lifestyle. Either you live yoga or you are merely a yoga teacher/instructor.

In sankrit tradition, in the yogic tradition there is no such thing as yoga teacher. So the certification that we have got may mean nothing, from the original yogic point of view.

There are yoga acharya; the practicioner. You practice yoga and then you share yoga. You can not teach yoga nobody can certify you. Nobody can certify you that you are living yoga 24 hours a day, 24/7. Nobody can certify you.

If i am to certify you i’ll be bullying myself, be lying to myself how do I keep a watch on you.

I am not omnipresent. I am not omnipresent that I can look at you and I can get i to your bedroom and see whether you are making love in a yogic style.

Nobody can do that. Nobody can certify you. It is you know, toilet paper is better than your certification. You can still use your toilet paper. Certification for what? It is no use at all.

You have to practice, we have to practice yoga. And when you come to practice of yoga then we have to understand what yoga is. Moderation. Buddha said the wise people they always live in the manner of yoga. in the yogic way. The wise live in the yogic manner, in yogic way. And a lot of buddhist they don’t want to translate this.


They have translated the word yoga, from Pali as meditation. buddha was very clear, when he want to speak about meditation, He use another word. He used  dhayana, zen, chang. That is dhayana, variations of dhyana.

Yoga: you have to live yoga. And living yoga means what?

All these aspects of yoga are one set. You can not pick just the Asana. Oh, I want to start with Asanas first then I get there. No . Patanjali, the yoga maestro is very clear, either you take it as a package or you don’t take it. Either you take yoga as a package or you don’t take it. Because it becomes very very dangerous.

That’s there in 3rd chapter of yoga sutra Patanjali. You can get all kind of siddhis, all kind of powers.

You just look at the stars! You don’t have to sit, you don’t have to stand on your head. Just look at the stars for 4 hours 20 minutes and you become omnipresent. Patanjali says, “Try it!”.

I am not. You can’t know everything. But you know there are so many siddhis which you can acquire. There are so many powers that you can acquire from yoga, from asanas. What happens?

My master told me, once you become egoistic as if everybody else is stupid. You are a yogi, you are a yogi!

Transcripted by Ray / Edited by Tara Galih