The Master reminded us of Angada’s story, “Be yet no emissaries like Angad. The Lord deputed him to put some sense into Ravana’s head, instead, he got carried away by Ravana’s sweet but poisonous talk.

“He was rescued by Hanuman, who was the very personification of 3Ds of discipline, duty, and devotion.

“He was also rebuked by his mother Taradevi, who symbolized the purity of heart and clarity of mind.

“How fortunate was Angad at that moment of faith-crisis!
And, yet, i tell ye, that ye all are as fortunate as him. The only difference is that Angad was willing to listen to Hanuman and Mother Taradevi. Ye are not, ye turn deaf ears to such. Ye keep listenting to the Ten-Headed and ultimately become Ravana’s emissaries, leaving the Rama-fold. Wake up!”

Good day friends, love you all

From Anand Krishna’s Facebook, 12 January 2012