I send you my greetings from Brazil, where i am attending Earth Dialogues, all continents are represented. People all over the world are becoming disillusioned with human made boundaries and limitations thus created.

I also hear about our own clergy Mr. Din Syamsuddin actively engaging himself in Interfaith dialogues, even chairing an institution funded by, i think the Saudis. As such the move by a handful of clergies in our country, following a similar move by the malaysian clergies, to declare yoga “haram” for Muslims, surprises us all, the thinking people of the entire nation.

Can you declare the law of grativity haram because it was discovered by a christian Newton? Or, the theory of relativiety haram because Einstein had Jewish blook running through his veins?

Perhaps, “religions”, and i mean all religions not understood by such clergies must be declared haram too. Air, water, earth, fire and space must be declared haram, for before Baba Adam, Ibrahim, Hazrat Musa and other prophets of Middle East, they were already appreciated by the sages and seers of ancient Egypt, India, and China.

What surprises me most is the response by much respected clergy such as Mr. Din, for he is untill this moment very much a part of the council of ulemas issuing such mindless fatwas.

These clergies are decided upon breaking our society, unfortunately some of our officials are blind to this fact. The sole reason behind this is to arabize our nation, and turn us into a backyard of the saudis with their wahabbi ideology, as malaysia has already been. Our leaders who support such move are but paid employees of such foreign powers.

But, i am hopeful. I am optimist, we Indonesians are not fools. The latest moves of our majelis ulema, the ulemas’ council shall prove to be a coffin for them. Islam is too high, too lofty, too sacred and too glorious to be affected by the moves of a bunch of ignorant clergies and officials.

Indonesia Jaya!